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independant insight, advice and guidance from a subject matter expert


Are you concerned about the cost or effectiveness of your recruitment activity but not sure what the benchmarks are or where to start?

Do you need help planning or executing your next project?

Have you heard of a new technology or service but don't know if it is suitable for your organisation?

Let us guide you with our consulting and advisory services. Any organisation can hire more people with small incremental changes, but building an effective function or set of processes and standards fit for the future in today’s rapidly evolving candidate driven recruitment environment means getting it right and making insightful decisions.

Many organisations know they need technology, usually an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Candidate Record Management (CRM) system, but how do you know which is the best for you or how to get the best out of it once you've made your selection?

Knowing what works and what doesn't, what bad looks like is as important as knowing what good looks like. 

We can be available by the hour by the day or for a specific project duration, available to listen and advise as and when you need us.

Contact us using the button below to set up an initial exploratory conversation.

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