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finding the right people at the right time for the right price


There are times when you will need to augment your existing recruitment function with external help or you have a role that you need an additional level of discretion for. G7 is equipped to help you for your HR roles. 

G7 does not operate as a recruitment agency but as part of your function representing you* to the market for the roles you wish assistance with, whether they be individual roles or teams of people.  All projects are undertaken on a fixed price project basis

In addition we are able to help you build specific engagement and pipelining strategies for all of your roles and have built a partnership with Candidate.ID, the leading talent engagement and pipelining software to ensure you are ahead of your competitors in the war for talent!


Contact us using the button below to find out more and to set up an initial exploratory conversation. 

Alternatively, if you would like to have a closer look at some of the thinking behind Candidate.ID, here is Candidate.ID's HRD Briefing: Talent Demand Generation.

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