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Looking for work? Are you looking after yourself?

It seems that every day when I login to various forums someone in my network is asking for help to find their next job or work project, many have been made redundant which is never a comfortable situation to face. Being out of work and job hunting is incredibly stressful on its own, but when combined with a poor economy and ever-increasing cost of living prices it is very very hard indeed for many.

Are you looking after yourself?

It is vital that you spend as much time on your mental well-being, perhaps more, as you do in actively looking for work. Job hunting can become frustrating, worrying, and stressful. When you’re not spending time looking for work, you’re probably worrying about it, perhaps feeling guilty that you should be doing more.

It’s important to take yourself out of this cycle and if you can, enjoy the time off, after all you won’t get as much time to do what you want when you are working.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, as is their ability to indulge or enjoy the same things, you’ll find what works for you, completely new or otherwise.

Find something that you’re able to immerse yourself in whether it be a book, fishing, gardening, swimming, running, listening to music, going to the gym, anything that will allow you to stop thinking about anything but the moment. Being in the moment, mindfulness, helps most people to alleviate everyday stresses and anxieties, clears your mind and relaxes them, even if it just for a few hours. Your wellbeing and being in the best frame of mind possible is vital to your job search, don’t overlook it.

I enjoy and immerse myself in some of these activities, each individually helps me manage my mental health, when I’m working and when I’m not, they all put a smile on my face. It’s the mindfulness achieved with each activity that is so important to me. I’m so focused in the moment, that all of life’s other distractions are completely blocked out.

As you seek work take the time each day to look after yourself. You are allowed.

Whatever works for you and however you choose to do it, it is a good thing.

Find the balance.


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