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How do you know when you have a good Resourcing Team?

It’s a good question. One that is I pondered upon by many a Resourcing Manager, HRD or Hiring Manager I would’ve thought, I hope.

I suppose the answer really depends on the perspective and what the definition of ‘good’ means to each, doesn’t it? It is all a bit too unclear and very subjective. Would any of them know what good looks like? That’s the problem though isn’t it?

People are people, everyone has an opinion and each has a different set of or level of expectations that need to be finessed.

photograph (C) Copyright Gary Franklin 2016

In many of the organisations I have worked at I think it is far to say that the Resourcing Team/Function/Dept. (call it what you will), takes an awful lot of criticism and often abuse. Why is this? They can’t all be bad. Most people – some more than others – have a default setting where they automatically find fault and criticize other including the Resourcing Teams instead of looking for or just being aware of and then praising good work. A natural disposition that is the plague of UK business and in particular HR.

Let’s take a quick look at the perspectives shall we? Please excuse the generalisations and assumptions in the following, purely done to simplify the post

The Hiring Manager (HM)

There are only two reasons why an HM will have a vacancy to fill; incremental headcount due to expansion or as a backfill for someone who has moved on, either reason has priorities and applied pressure attached to it. The HM will have commitments to fill, workload to manage and possibly deadlines to hit. HM will need the new head in place and productive as soon as possible. HM will no doubt be under pressure from his or her manager. Often they need a new hire fast, sometimes they need them without direct impact on their budget too. To the HM a good and bad service is separated by a fine line and may depend on time and circumstance


Stripped back, having the right people in the right place at the right time and cost to ensure an organisation’s stability and growth is a fundamental mission of HR. More often than not there are gaps in the plan, vacancies. The HR leadership then comes under pressure to deliver and fill those vacancies. They rely on an effective and efficient Talent Acquisition Team to deliver results.

This then brings us back to the perception of what effective and efficient means. They’ll have their manager and their business partnering stakeholder on their backs to deliver and typically if they are having pressure put on them its because they are being asked to fix something that is perceived to be broken. Don’t forget the imposed or self-induced pressure will affect and change the perception of what effective and efficient means frequently. They require not only the vacancies to be filled to meet the needs of the business, but also to be armed with data and market insight to assist with planning.

The Recruiting function manager

The leader of the Recruitment Team will have all of the same pressures to deliver as above but with the added, more often unnecessary weight passed on from the HMs, HRBPs or the HRD. He or she will also have the added responsibility of managing their own teams and direct reports, as well as owning the organisation’s relationship with applicants and candidates. More often than not there are fires to fight, things aren’t going as smoothly as expected (hoped), more often than not impacting results, in turn resulting in a dissatisfied group of stakeholders. Yet it’s the job. The pressure can be imposed or self-induced.

So what makes a good Resourcing Team?

‘Good’ will mean different things to the various people in different companies. It will vary over time as priorities and focuses change, and they do and will. Priorities will always change influencing changes in emotions, they all play a part in the perception of what good looks like and when. It all changes constantly

How do you know when you have a good Resourcing Team?

  • When they are open and transparent with you?

  • When they keep you informed?

  • When the information you have is reliable and dependable and will stand up to challenge?

  • When they make promises and keep them?

  • When they saved the company money?

  • When they want to do more to help?

  • When they fill your vacancy quickly?

  • When they make it all seem straightforward?

  • When they make your life easier?

Yes, all of the above if and when they are given the time, respect and support to do so, however because much is subjective they will be considered good to some and not others today, then vice versa next week.

When you praise the Resourcing Team openly, even defending them if appropriate, highlighting how it helps you and why it is good to others, then you will know you have a good Recruiting Team.

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